August 27th, 2009

AWARE members fly the flag on 8 August

Flag Day

It was an ambitious target given the economic downturn and the H1N1 pandemic, but in the end we did not do too badly.

We had hoped to raise at least $70,000 on the AWARE Flag Day on 8 August. What we managed to raise was a little over $40,000 – a very decent amount considering all the obstacles we faced.

Most of this money came from members who, in the weeks before the Flag Day, generously responded to the call for people to sponsor a tin for $100 each.

This made all the difference because, as we got closer and closer to the day, more and more schools and students who had said they would help pulled out because of concerns about the H1N1 virus.

So on 8 August, we had far fewer AWARE donation tins on the streets than expected. But the volunteers who did turn up went the extra mile and did their best to persuade shoppers and commuters to dig into their pockets and purses.

Some members of the public, noticing the AWARE logo on the tins, made a point of coming over and, as they made a donation, asking whether things had settled down at AWARE.

Thanks are due to all the members who kindly sponsored tins, the staff and volunteers who worked so hard, and the members of the public who contributed to the AWARE Flag Day. – Report by Rina Marie

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