February 13th, 2012

Needed: Women aged 65 and above for a project about ageing and sexuality


Are you FEMALE , over 65 and still thinking about sex?

We want to talk (just talk!!) to you!

Mammalian Diving Reflex (MDR) is a Canada-based theatre company creating a project about female ageing and sexuality.

Established in 1993, MDR is a non-profit charity that creates theatre-based performances, installations, and community happenings. We bring strangers together in unconventional ways, engage them, challenge them, entertain them, and get them talking, thinking and feeling. Our performances offer personal experiences that invite positive social change and prove the power and generosity of the social sphere.

Past work includes: Nuit Market, Eat the Street, Haircuts by Children, Slow Dance With Teacher, and Old Women Shooting Guns. To date, MDR’s work has been presented in 38 cities around the world (and counting!) To find out more, go to www.mammalian.ca.


Mammalian Diving Reflex is looking for women aged 65 and above to take part in preliminary research for a project about aging and sexuality, called The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had.

When do I need to be available?

You will need to be available from now till February 24th for a brief telephone interview or face-to-face chat.

Do I need to be an actor?
No! All we need is your availability, openness and enthusiasm. No experience is required, and all are welcome.

Will information I share be kept confidential?
Yes. Anything you share with us will be kept STRICTLY confidential, unless we have written consent from you. Stories and information discussed will be used to help guide us and narrow down our focus for further research.

What happens after the interview?
Findings from the interviews will help to inform our second phase of research in March, which will involve more in-depth one-on-one and all-female group discussions that will be audio and/or video recorded for documentary purposes. At the consent of the participant, this material may appear in the final production in May. This production is presented as part of the Singapore Arts Festival 2012, and will admit only female audiences.

What if I know a friend or relative who may be suitable for this project?
Just drop us a line with your friend or relative’s contact details. We will give her a tactful, non-obligatory call, and see if she’s interested to find out more.

How do I sign up / find out more?
Contact our local coordinator Cecilia at 8208 5909 or bsieh2012@gmail.com.


如果您是65岁以上的女性 而且对性爱仍有兴致…

Mammalian Diving Reflex (MDR) 是来自加拿大的一个戏剧团 体,目前正在筹备一项有关女性老化及性爱的作。MDR 成立于1993年,是个非牟利福 利团体,经常筹划各类戏剧表演、装置艺术和社区活动。我们营造机会让陌生人聚在一起,以各种好玩有趣的方式激发她们的思 维、鼓励她们探索自己的内心世界,让大家侃侃而谈,从而发掘 自己心里所思所想。我们的表演呈献的是真人真事,在社会上 引起正面的意识和改变,并且让人看到社会领域的强大及包性。

我们过往的作品包括:NuitMarket,EattheStreet,HaircutsbyChildren, Slow Dance With Teacher, 及 Old Women Shooting Guns 等等。 迄今, MDR的作品已经在全球38个城市呈献过(数目与日俱增)。

Mammalian Diving Reflex 目前正在筹备一项 有关老化及性爱的制作《最难忘的性爱》, 在此征求65岁以上的女性参加初步的研究工作。


不需要!我们只需要您拨出一点时间,诚恳坦诚地跟我们谈一谈。 无需任何经验,我们欢迎所有人参加。

是的。我们会严格保密您跟我们分享的所有资料,除非您签署了同意公 开内容的同意书,否则我们绝不公开。您在会谈中提到的故事和资料有 助于给我们灵感并给我们一个较清楚的方向,以进行进一步的研究。

我们在访问中获得的资料将有助于我们在3月展开的第二阶段作, 那是更深入的一对一讨论以及只限女性参加的集体讨论。这些讨论 将录音和/或录影作为记录之用。在参与者同意的情况下,部分的 影音片段有可能在5月的演出中呈献。这项制作是2012年新加坡艺 术节的节目之一,而这个节目只限女性入场观看。

您只需把您的朋友或亲戚的联络详情发送给我们。我们会拨电给 她,婉转地探听她的意愿,看她是否有兴趣进一步了解我们的制 作。当然,我们不会勉强她参加。

预知详情,请拨电8208 5909或电邮bsieh2012@gmail.com 联络我们本地的协调员Cecilia (紫静)。

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