March 15th, 2012

Things Mum never told you


Sex: Making it safe, healthy and good

Most people want to know more about sex but don’t want to look foolish by asking questions.

Regardless of your level of sexual experience, you probably have your fair share of unasked and unanswered questions.

• Is porn a good instruction guide for sex?
• When am I really ready?
• What’s the safest form of contraception?
• Is the withdrawal method good enough for avoiding pregnancy?
• How can I enjoy myself at clubs but stay safe?
• What if I don’t have the perfect body?
• Should I prove my love by doing whatever my partner wants?
• Is my partner just playing hard to get?
• Will people judge me if they see me buying condoms?
• Is [fill in the blank] normal?

Accurate information about contraception is crucial for preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. But safe sex is only part of the story.

Having the confidence to communicate with your partner – whether you are new to each other or in a long-term relationship – can greatly improve your shared experience and sense of well-being.

And what about when things go wrong? Learn how to stay cool in the face of mistakes and misunderstandings.

If you are aged 16 and up and want know more about sex, contraception, building healthy relationships and feeling confident about your sexuality, then join this workshop.

Workshop is free and lunch is on us too!
Venue: AWARE Centre (Block 5 Dover Crescent #01-22)

The workshop will last half a day and topics covered will include safe dating, porn vs. real sex, condom demonstration and boy-girl communication. Participants are encourage to discuss, share and ask questions in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Email to to register.

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