Corporate Training Programmes

The AWARE Training Institute (ATI)’s corporate programmes help organisations to leverage diversity to improve performance and to build inclusive and safe workplaces.

To enable our clients to create an inclusive environment where each member of their community is valued, respected, and fully engaged, we adopt a holistic approach that focuses on creating awareness, shaping attitudes, and building skills. For example, it is not sufficient to uncover one’s unconscious biases without having effective strategies to address them. It is not enough to know what constitutes harassment and bullying without having the tools to deal with such situations.

We offer short one hour informational talks and minimum two hour workshops that allow participants to gain deeper understanding and practical skills through experiential learning, self reflection and discussions.

Our programmes include:

  1. Guide to workplace harassment
  2. Diversity and inclusion in organisations

Guide to workplace harassment

Workplace harassment is any unwelcome conduct that arises from work which causes harassment, alarm or distress to another person. It can violate a person’s dignity or create an unfavourable work environment for him/her.
Examples of behaviour that may be considered harassing include but are not limited to:
• Making abusive, insulting or offensive language or comments
• Making threats
• Spreading misinformation or malicious rumours
• Cyber bullying
Unwelcome sexual advances
• Stalking
• Physical assault

Your employees should be able to work without fear of violence or harassment, in a safe and healthy workplace.

To address this issue, AWARE has developed harassment prevention and management programmes for corporations. These training programmes encompass the legal, human resources, and psychological aspects of the problem. The aim is to provide organisations with a holistic approach in dealing with harassment at the workplace.

This training has two guides to dealing with workplace harassment: the employees’ guide and the manager’s guide.

  • The employees’ guide is a basic introduction on what constitutes harassment, and how to empower oneself and others when faced with this situation. This training is suitable for anyone who wants to be able to tackle harassment.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • The manager’s guide is an advanced workshop to equip human resource professionals, in-house counsel, and senior managers with the basic knowledge of harassment, the skills to investigate and conduct an interview with the victim and perpetrator, and the tools to implement organisation policy on harassment.

Topics include but are not limited to:

    • Definition of harassment and key characteristics
    • Types and forms of harassment

    • Legal rights
    • Designing an investigative framework for harassment
    • Skills in conducting fair interviews with both victim and accused
    • Role play activities

Workshops can be customised to contain elements of both the employee’s guide and the manager’s guide. To book this workshop, contact us at 6779 7137,
or at


Diversity and inclusion in organisations

Our workplaces, educational and community organisations are becoming increasingly diverse. This diversity offers many opportunities and advantages if harnessed properly.
If ignored, feared, or mis-managed, it can lead to discrimination and conflict.

We don’t shy away from talking about differences. But we do this in a way that validates and embraces each person’s unique qualities. We believe that empathy is the antidote to discrimination. Even though people have different experiences and identities, we all spring from the same well of humanity.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to identities, differences and similarities
  • The benefit of diversity

    • What’s in it for you?
    • What’s in it for your organisation?
  • Understanding unconscious bias
  • Understanding systemic discrimination
  • Practicing conscious awareness
  • Power and empathy
  • Legal rights

To book this workshop, contact us at 6779 7137, or at


These workshops can be combined and customised to best suit your company’s needs. For more information, contact us at 6779 7137,
or at
Detailed course outlines are available upon request.