Working with civil society and politicians

As an NGO that actively advocates for gender equality and women’s rights (which are an integral part of human rights), AWARE shares its research, knowledge, experience and expertise with policy makers and politicians on issues that relate to gender equality. AWARE also collaborates with policy makers and politicians on specific issues to promote a fairer, more equal, more inclusive and safer society for all, regardless of gender.

AWARE does not align itself with any particular political party and will work with all politicians, regardless of party, to further its mission.  This will include both initiating contact with and responding to queries from politicians who have a particular interest in topics relevant to AWARE.

Further, as an active member of civil society, AWARE is committed to working with other civil society organisations to push for:

  1. transparency and accountability in policy making;
  2. democratic governance and institutions;
  3. greater civic participation in society;
  4. freedom of speech, expression and assembly;
  5. women leaders in politics and policy making;
  6. the elimination of all forms of discrimination; and
  7. the promotion of human rights for all.