Talks and Workshops at AWARE

AWARE conducts several different workshops and trainings at the AWARE Centre.

Women’s Rights, from a Singapore perspective

Businesses are increasingly recognising the need for gender diversity in their organisations and especially in leadership. But tackling this issue will require a deeper understanding of the policy, economic and social context. Just how far have women come, in the workplace and elsewhere? What are the major barriers to their advancement? How has the state handled these questions in the past – and where is it going in the future? AWARE will share analysis and insight gleaned from 30 years at the coalface of gender equality advocacy.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the gender equality landscape in Singapore
  • How the United Nations Convention On The Elimination Of All Forms Of Discrimination Against Women relates to Singapore
  • Economic inclusion: how far have we come?
  • Violence against women: what more needs to be done?

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Roundtable discussion sessions

Discussion and debate have always been an important part of AWARE. In gatherings large and small, formal and informal, we have discussed issues and examined policies. The discussions sometimes led to submissions to the authorities or to publications; other times they kept AWARE abreast of current affairs, public policies and social trends.

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Finding your passion

This talk takes attendees on the personal journey of our Executive Director, Corinna Lim, and how she found her inner voice to become a social activist. This talk can be used to inspire participants to find their inner voice of what they stand for and how they can manifest that voice in their professional, public and personal lives.

This event is only available upon booking by organisations or corporations. It is a complimentary service offered by Catalyse Consulting. Donations are welcome.

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