August 27th, 2009

Together we can fight for a better tomorrow

New Member’s Night 20 August 2009

Exco member Tan Joo Hymn takes the new members on a tour of AWARE

Exco member Tan Joo Hymn takes the new members on a tour of AWARE

Charlene Lee was a supporter of AWARE for a long time but never saw a need to become a member. Then in April this year, when AWARE’s values and policies appeared to be under threat, she decided she had to take a stand.

“I joined AWARE because together we can fight for a better tomorrow,” said Charlene, 29, when she came to the AWARE Centre in August for New Members’ Night, the monthly gathering for new members to learn more about AWARE.

“It was good to have an up close and personal session with the staff and some Exco members,’ said Charlene, adding that she was impressed by the range of programmes undertaken by AWARE.

Another new member, Tiffany Lai, 23, felt the session was very informative and that “AWARE’s programmes are very relevant to the issues that women face today”. Tiffany plans to volunteer in counselling and she hopes to be able to empower women to make their own decisions and be proud of it.

Sueyen Tan, 28, also enjoyed the gathering. She said she had joined AWARE because “AWARE’s values represent mine. I believe that I can learn new things and AWARE is a good place for me to achieve this.”

At these monthly new members’ nights, AWARE staff and some Exco members make presentations and answer queries. The sessions are lively and a good opportunity for members to not just learn more about AWARE but also make new friends. The next session is scheduled for 16th September 2009. – Report by Mardiana Abunaim

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