March 22nd, 2010

AWARE launches Schools Collaboration Programme

AWARE welcomes collaboration with students in a number of ways:

  • Help with school projects related to women’s issues and gender equality
  • Community Involvement Programmes (CIP)
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Internship opportunities
  • Participation in school forums on a selective basis

If you would like to explore how you or your school could collaborate with us, please contact Wong Meiling at 6779 7137 or
The videos below are examples of two such collaborations.

Love Yourself Campaign 2009

The Love Yourself Campaign was a Singapore Poly student project sponsored in part by AWARE. The students came together over a couple of days and made pledges to love themselves – even the imperfections! The participants all wrote down something they loved about their body.

Thanks to Tessa, Anna, Su Hui, Yurica, Shel and Shahira.
Women in Business 2010

This presentation was put together by 5 SMU students for their Business, Government and Societies module. AWARE assisted the students by providing some research materials, answers to interview questions as well as joining the students at their presentation for a Q&A session with the class. The exchange was felt to be mutually beneficial and AWARE was very happy to have had the opportunity to meet the young men who put together such a great analysis.

The interview was crucial in helping us understand the plight of working women in Singapore and helped us develop an objective stance to our project. It was definitely a learning experience for us, a group of young male students, to gain a different perspective of the real world. Your presence during our presentation is also deeply appreciated. The dialogue session enabled the class to also gain an insight into what you have given our group bringing the presentation to a whole new level.
Avinesh Basand Ram

Thanks to Avinesh Basand Ram, Larry Lin Jun Jie, Nigel Lin Jun Lin, Yap Xing Yao and Yeo Jiehan Aaron.

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