May 20th, 2010

From the Executive Director’s desk

This has been one of the most active 3-month periods of my life, says CORINNA LIM as she reports on her first 100 days as AWARE’s Executive Director.

In about 10 days’ time, I will complete my first 100 days at AWARE. When AWARE folk see me, they usually ask me one of three questions.

Question 1: So, what’s been happening at AWARE?

Those who have been paying attention to the newsletter will have noticed three major themes:

Superwomen in Concert – our most ambitious fund raiser to date with a stellar cast to be held at the Esplanade on Tuesday, 8th June. If you have not yet booked seats, there is still time to do so. But the tickets are moving fast, so hurry. Let’s make it a SELL OUT concert! I know we can do it!

Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Programme – we had a very successful launch of this programme for HR managers in late April. We are getting lots of calls and queries on this. We’ve added a NEW sexual harassment microsite for comprehensive information on sexual harassment and to share your stories on this. Check it out.

If you know of companies who are interested in this or who you think need to be trained on this, please let us know. We are happy to approach them.

And if you know of anyone who is a victim of sexual harassment, please ask them to call our Helpline at 1800-774-5935.

Professionalisation of AWARE
we are in the process of changing our accounting system and revamping our volunteer management system. (Look out for the new online Volunteer Centre which will be launched soon). We are also archiving old records and upgrading our computers.

We have had two staff departures. I would like to thank Priyanka Awasthi and Lin Phua for their work and dedication to AWARE and the cause of gender equality, and wish them the very best for the future.

We are looking for a part-time book-keeper. Please pass the word round.

The team now comprises 5 staff, 4 full time volunteers, 2 interns and 2 free lancers. We have become more cost-effective.

Question 2: How are you coping?

Seriously, it has been one of the most active 3 months of my life.  I have been constantly reminded by my AWARE family to get enough food and rest, to keep focused on the big picture and not get lost in the “lalang”.  This is all good advice which I have tried hard to follow.

I am doing fine, thanks to the wonderful people that I work with and members who care.

Question 3: When is your AGM?

The Board will soon decide on the date. Keep your eye out for the announcement. In the meantime, can I remind everyone to RENEW THEIR MEMBERSHIP so that they can attend the AGM. Call us – 6779 7137 – if you need help with your membership renewal.

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