December 1st, 2010

Men Are Essential To The Solution

Executive Director Corinna Lim encourages men to get involved with The Because I Love Her Project, AWARE’s online video campaign where good guys speak up about violence against women.

To not condone violence against women includes not being quiet in the face of a culture which makes jokes about rape, date rape, drunken rampages and dominating through fear and intimidation. It means not remaining silent when other men brag of their abuses. It means stepping in to help the women in their lives who need their support. It means stepping up and being an every day hero just by saying, “That’s not funny. That is NOT cool.”

Men have a huge impact on the behaviour of other men through being role models, through peer pressure and through stating clearly what is and what is not well regarded behaviour. Men get cues about acceptable behaviour from other men – from how they behave, what they assert… even what jokes they make. Men ultimately define masculinity for other men – they choose whether to play the a role of protector or supporter. They can also choose to never play the role of abuser.

Visit The Because I Love Her Facebook page for more information.

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