Financial Awareness & Confidence Training 2: Insurance

When the topic of insurance comes up, people often either cringe or avoid the discussion altogether because it is perceived as huge long-term financial expense. For women who lack the knowledge or interest, insurance is considered a ‘heavy’ topic and usually left to their male partners.

However, as the primary objective of insurance is to provide for your protection, it is important that whatever insurance you already have or are going to get is tailored to your specific needs. These needs will change as you enter different stages of your life and as your personal goals evolve.

As part of our empowerment training , we are pleased to offer FACT 2 on Insurance. FACT is short for Financial Awareness & Confidence Training.

This course aims to give you a fundamental understanding of how insurance works and how you can protect yourself and your assets with the right tools. You will walk away from this programme with all the knowledge and skills you need to assess your changing insurance needs.

The course consists of 3 interactive sessions that comprise both lectures and discussions. Topics covered will include:
1)    Is insurance necessary?
2)    How does insurance work?
3)    What role does it play in my financial plan?
4)    How much insurance and what type of insurance do I need?
5)    Where and how do I get the insurance I want?

The trainer is Sim Wei Min, who has spent more than 15 years assisting people from all walks of life with their insurance needs and retirement planning.

Training Date: 19 June 2012

Money Club Sessions:
26 June 2012
3 July 2012

Time: 7pm-9pm

Where: AWARE Centre

Single: $150
Pair: $240

AWARE members who log in at the website and purchase will receive a discount. That is just $100 for the workshop or $150 for a pair.

Quotes from participants:
Layman terms; insider tips.
Interactive and laid back.
Easy to understand, clear explanations.
The open communication about the topic.
It was great. Very informative for all types of insurance.
I like the case studies because it makes us think of the best policies that different individual should get.

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