Workshop Series: Gender Matters

A guide to understanding feminism and concepts of gender in ourselves and our society

The word “feminism” can elicit extreme reactions. Some completely identify with it, while many say: “I believe in gender equality but I am not a feminist.”

What exactly is feminism? The definition can vary from feminist to feminist, and many misconceptions prevail.

To help women and men understand feminism better, AWARE has put together a 3-part workshop series that explores the history of the feminist movement, how gender roles are shaped over time, the gender messages that are embedded in popular culture, and what feminism means today.

This thought-provoking series includes lectures and group exercises, and allows each participant to evaluate their own concepts of gender and how they perceive the other sex.

Men, particularly fathers, are strongly encouraged to participate.

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Workshop 1 – History of feminism
By: Dr Mandakini Arora
6 November 2013, 7.30pm-9.30pm
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Workshop 2 – Reclaiming the F-word. What does feminism mean to me?
By: Corinna Lim

Workshop 3–The Princess Ideology Debunking the Myths
By: Dr. Chitra Sankaran

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Venue: AWARE Centre

Workshops can be booked individually.


$15 for two persons

$8  for two persons

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