Managers’ Guide To Dealing With Workplace Sexual Harassment


If you are looking for more info on sexual harassment, see here


Does your workplace have a clear sexual harassment policy in place and provide adequate training for managers to deal with such situations? If the answer is “no”, be part of the solution. Share what you learn in this course with your company’s Human Resources department.


You don’t need to be a victim to care about making your workplace a safe environment. Many victims of sexual harassment suffer silently because they fear repercussions. And those who do speak up often have to deal with inexperienced HR personnel and managers, which makes their situation even more frustrating. But inexperience can be easily remedied with training.

Aware has offered this managers’ course on how to deal with workplace sexual harassment since 2009. The instructor is Ms Veronica Wong, a personal life coach and specialized project consultant for Human Resource Management (HRM) and Training. She has over 20 years of HRM experience and is a certified counsellor skilled in Choice Therapy, Reality Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Besides AWARE, she has also shared her expertise with non-profit organizations like the Kaki Bukit Prison School and the Special Needs Trust Company.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Basic knowledge of sexual harassment, including myths and misconceptions, key characteristics, types of harassment and why it occurs in the workplace.


  • Skills that will help you to investigate and conduct an interview with the victim and the perpetrator.
  • Tools you can use to implement an organisational policy on sexual harassment.


Quotes from previous participants:

“Very interesting. I have learned so much about sexual harassment.”

“The trainer delivered the information very well and made the class very enjoyable.”

“Everyone must have this knowledge!”

When: 30 August,2013 Friday (1pm-6pm)

Where: AWARE Centre, 5 Dover Crescent

Fee: Single, S$100, pair: S$180

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