July 15th, 2013

Sign up for our women’s self-defence programme!


self defense

There are many ways for you to protect yourself in various situations. Learn to use pressure points and body mechanics to take a person down with little effort.

More importantly, gain the self-confidence to know that you can defend yourself while in Singapore or overseas.

The Kapap personal protection system was developed in the 1940s for the Israeli Special Forces. And it has now been condensed into a 10-week workshop specifically designed for women.

Attend a FREE TRIAL CLASS on 15 March, 10am – 12pm to get a better idea of what Kapap is like.

15 March
10am – 12pm
AWARE Centre, 5 Dover Crescent, #01-22
Click here to register!

The starting date of the 10-week course will be confirmed after trial class

Loose fit and comfortable clothing
Yoga mat for street grappling (optional)

Email publiceducation@aware.org.sg for more information.

Some of the things you will learn include:

• Defensive stance
• Elbow and other strikes
• Pressure points and take downs
• Forearm and body grabs
• Control and restraints
• Street grappling
• Street style kicks and foot trips
• Knife disarming
• Gun disarming
• Improvised weapons i.e., umbrella, pen, purse, water bottle etc

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