June 17th, 2015

Gender Equality IS our Culture: Ramadan talks

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Ramadan Talks are back! For our second round of Ramadan Talks we will be holding a 2-part series of presentations and discussions about Muslim women.

Transcending Multiracialism: A Case Study of the Hijab Debate in Singapore
by Humairah Zainal (NTU) and George Wong (NTU)

This presentation will critically examine the hijab debate that has persisted in Singapore and show that the current discourse centres around two main aspects:
(i) the problematization of the Malay-Muslim image by the state towards national identity and social cohesion; and
(ii) the role of the state as the sole guardian of racial harmony among the different racial and religious groups in Singapore.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015
7PM to 9.30PM
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Reflections on Muslim Women’s Role and Contributions in History
by Diana Rahim and Ariz Yusaf Ansari

Diana Rahim will be presenting on Maryam, or Mary. She is widely recognised by the Christian community as the mother of Jesus. She is however, also one of the most revered women in the Islamic tradition. This presentation will go through Maryam’s significance in the Islamic context even though she lives in a pre-Islamic time, and what exactly is it that earned her such a significant status in the Islamic tradition, to a point of even having a surah named after her in the Qur’an.

Ariz Yusaf Ansari’s presentation will be about G Willow Wilson, a journalist, novelist and comic book writer. It will cover her experiences and the themes she tries to bring across through her diverse works of literature. It will also address how she contributed to the diverse narrative of religion in comic books and discuss the sociopolitical implications of the superhero archetype for Muslims.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015
7PM to 9.30PM
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Individual price: $5 for 1 person/session
Pair price: $8 for 2 persons/session

Price includes cost of catered food.
Prayer space is provided.

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