July 24th, 2015

Living the Singapore Story: Celebrating our 50 years 1965 – 2015

WebLiving The Singapore Story is about Singapore, all 50 years of it as an independent nation. It is not a history book, or about its politics or its national leaders. It is about the people of Singapore and the stories they have to tell, in their own words. They come from all walks of life – policeman, soldier, doctor, nurse, car salesman, bus driver, teacher, businessman, architect and more – reflecting the diversity that is Singapore. Some are well-known personalities you may recognise but many are ordinary folks.

There are personal stories, of the lives they led, the jobs they did, the challenges they faced, the things they enjoyed doing. Collectively, they tell the story of a people overcoming the odds to build a nation, and celebrates five decades of nation building through 58 compelling and heart-warming accounts of Singaporeans.

The stories of AWARE’s founding members Zaibun Siraj and Kanwaljit Soin have also been shared in this book. Do order the book here or visit any library or major bookstore to read about them and the early days of AWARE!

This book was commissioned by the National Library Board and produced by Straits Times Press.

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