November 13th, 2015

AWARE’s submission to the Women’s Charter consultation

writingAWARE was recently invited to submit recommendations to the proposed amendments of the Women’s Charter through the public consultation portal REACH. We have submitted our comments on the proposed amendments in the Women’s Charter (Amendment) Bill 2016. As stated in the Consultation Paper of the Ministry for Social and Family Development (MSF), the proposed changes are:

  1. Putting the child’s interest first in divorce through a mandatory parenting programme for divorcing parents
  2. Allowing maintenance for incapacitated men who cannot work
  3. Enhancing protection for women, girls, residents at places of safety and professionals engaged in protection work; and,
  4. Voiding a marriage that is a marriage of convenience under section 57C of the Immigration Act

For AWARE’s recommendations and comments, read the full text of our submission. AWARE has also previously submitted recommendations on improving the Women’s Charter in relation to the issue of domestic violence (dated 17 January 2015) to the Office for Women’s Development, Ministry for Social and Family Development on 23 April 2015.

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