November 24th, 2015

Filming domestic workers: MOM and SPF reply

typingLast week, AWARE and TWC2 released a joint statement calling on the Ministry of Manpower, the Ministry of Law, the Attorney-General’s Chambers and the Singapore Police Force to clarify the law on filming domestic workers.

On Friday, the Ministry of Manpower and the Singapore Police Force sent us the below reply.

We are grateful to MOM and SPF for making it clear that the law will provide this protection for the privacy and dignity of domestic workers.

We refer to your email to the Minister of Manpower and Commissioner of Police dated 17 November 2015 on “Call to clarify law on filming domestic workers”.

2. It is an offence under the Penal Code to insult a woman’s modesty by intruding upon her privacy. The offence is punishable with imprisonment of up to one year, or a fine, or both.

3. Employers must respect the privacy of their employees, and this applies equally to foreign domestic workers (FDWs) who work and reside in their homes. CCTVs should not be installed in areas that will compromise the FDWs’ privacy, for example, where they change their clothes or the bathroom area.

4. Anyone who feels that their modesty has been insulted should lodge a police report immediately. The Police will then assess the facts and circumstances of each case, and take appropriate action should a criminal offence be disclosed.

5. Thank you.

Ministry of Manpower
Singapore Police Force

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