December 31st, 2015

Thank you for an amazing 2015!

Thank you 2015

2015 has been amazing for AWARE! Thanks to your generous support, our programmes and initiatives have met with great success.

Here are some of the highlights of the year:

1. Our beloved AWARE Centre now has a new look!

The Centre closed for renovations in May, and in August we opened our doors to a brand new space, with a dedicated wing for our support services, and a new events space for the AWARE community. Drop by to take a look!

2. Promoting equality and women’s representation in GE2015

We injected gender equality advocacy into election season in September! We engaged political parties with a statement on promoting inclusion and diversity, highlighted the lack of women’s representation both on electoral slates and in the Cabinet, and called out numerous sexist statements about candidates, which collectively earned this year’s Alamak! Award.

3. Placing gender equality on the policy map

AWARE continues to keep up with the rapid pace of policy development.  This year we participated in public consultations on proposed reforms to the Women’s Charter as well as the national Budget, ensuring that support for caregiving, protection from violence and gender equality remain firmly in the public and policy-maker eye. In December, we welcomed Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin to the AWARE Centre to discuss our plans and our work.

4. Men standing up against violence against women

Violence against women matters to everyone. #WhiteRibbonSG united men and boys from all walks of life, including Minister K Shanmugam and Adrian Pang, on the importance of ending it.  November’s campaign week brought thought-provoking videos, widely circulated think pieces and Ride Against Violence – where 25 Harley bikers, 5 Chrysler jeepers and boys from Beyond Social Services took the anti-violence message to the streets.

5. A critical service for women in crisis

Despite a dip during Centre renovation, AWARE’s Helpline received more than 2,500 calls and conducted over 680 counselling sessions as of November, with all services receiving ratings of above 90% from clients. In 2015, we held two divorce support groups that helped women support one another through difficult times. More will be introduced next year!

6. Expanded the Sexual Assault Care Centre’s services and reach

The Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC), still Singapore’s only specialist service for people who have faced sexual assault, is reaching out to more who need help. As of November 2015, the SACC has supported more than 240 people who have faced sexual assault. With a new WhatsApp service and a welcoming new website, SACC is lending a helping hand and sharing information on sexual assault with more people than ever before.

7. Women’s Action: honouring the women’s movement

Where was the women’s movement in the SG50 story? November saw the launch of Women’s Action, a richly immersive website telling the story of the struggle for gender equality in Singapore – its landmark achievements, its champions, and the deep impact of its work on ordinary people. Original videos and photo essays, carefully curated archival images and meticulously researched exposés will be released in phases until April 2016.

8. Mainstreaming anti-harassment norms and practices in workplaces

AWARE was delighted to work closely with the Ministry of Manpower in developing a Tripartite Advisory on Managing Workplace Harassment. Building on last year’s anti-harassment law, it sends a robust signal to employers that preventing and responding to workplace harassment is their responsibility. Catalyse Consulting, AWARE’s new corporate training arm, has begun training employers on implementing this Advisory, as well as on other issues such as unconscious bias and diversity & inclusion.

9. Working towards justice and equality in Muslim families

In late February, Gender Equality is our Culture (GEC), a collaborative initiative with Solidaritas Perempuan to promote gender equality in Muslim communities, co-organised a regional conference, drawing participants from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to share and develop strategies for achieving justice and equality in Muslim families in diverse contexts.

10. The Big Birthday Ball – our biggest fundraiser to date

We celebrated our 30th anniversary with our biggest and boldest birthday party ever! On 7 November, 500 friends and supporters gathered to raise $357,000 for AWARE’s work, including $117,000 for #asinglelove, our new collaboration to stand up for single parents. Building on our in-depth interviews with 50 single mothers and 25 children, the campaign will empower single parents and promote policies and attitudes that are inclusive to them.

We will continue to strive to advocate for a more equal society as well as better support for women in crisis in the coming year, and we hope that you will join us as well.

Thank you so much for your support once again. See you next year!

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