The Research and Advocacy department participates in various types of activities within AWARE.

  • Watchgroups – Watchgroups monitor Singapore’s compliance with the conventions that the government has ratified.
  • Roundtables – As part of efforts to contribute gender perspectives to the public discourse, AWARE hosts at least one roundtable discussion a month, each on a gender-related issue. Experts are invited to speak on the topic, stimulating questions and discussion among the attendees.
  • Campaigns – AWARE campaigns raise awareness on issues that often go undiscussed in our society. We believe that change starts with recognizing the problem and encouraging people to speak up!
  • Other – Other activities serve to inform and define our projects, as needed. These activities may include focus group discussions, short-term research, data collection for our media articles and roundtables, and collaboration with other organisations.

These activities are only effective when you get involved! Attend our roundtable discussions or participate in other activities that interest you. We also encourage you to send your ideas for roundtable discussion topics and other activities to Sahar at or stop by the AWARE office.