We Can! Singapore

We Can! is a people-to-people campaign that works through Change Makers – individuals who commit to taking steps in their own lives to end violence. With the understanding that small actions make big changes, the campaign looks to build a gender-equal society by starting with equal relationships.

We Can! Singapore aims to:

  • Shake up social attitudes and beliefs that tolerate violence against women
  • Join hands with various communities willing to work towards a violence-free society
  • Reach out to individual Change Makers who embrace a violence-free life and encourage others to do the same

Through the Change Maker Workshops, Forum Theatre, and other avenues in art, performance, sports, community networks, media, and pop culture, We Can! hopes to reach out to 1,000 Change Makers over the course of two years, from 2013 to 2015.

Find out more at the We Can! Singapore website!


SHOUT (Sexual Harrassment Out) is AWARE’s campaign to “out” sexual harassment in both senses of the phrase:

  • Encourage people to speak out against sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Get rid of sexual harassment in the workplace.

In Singapore, there is no specific legislation nor any specific authority established to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. Many victims either remain silent or leave their jobs when harassment becomes intolerable and the harassment goes unreported. This gives rise to the wrongful impression that workplace sexual harassment is not common or serious.

Find out more at the SHOUT website!