National Service Debates

Focus Group Discussion

There have been several debates recently around National Service (NS). In the wake of new initiatives passed to strengthen NS, AWARE would like to address misogyny and the encouragement of hyper-masculinity within National Service. A focus group discussion with men who are currently in service and those who have completed service was held in July 2013. Using this conversation as foundation, AWARE will be recommending policies to stymie the sexist attitudes pervasive in National Service.

Older Women’s Needs

Focus Group Discussion

The proportion of females aged 55 and above has increased significantly in recent years. During a focus group discussion on older women’s needs, women of this demographic expressed concerns about healthcare, employment, housing, and government schemes. Accessibility to public assistance, subsidies and other grants were also found problematic. Thus, AWARE believes that there is a need for more in-depth primary research. We hope to conduct further focus group discussions and interviews with elderly women, social workers and other professionals to address these issues.