Women who are going through a difficult time may not be able to get adequate support from family and friends. They may be too embarrassed, confused or scared to go to the police or other official centres or may be simply overwhelmed by the court or police process.

AWARE’s Befrienders scheme is designed to help such women. A Befriender will accompany women who need to talk to the police or go to hospitals or the courts.

In particular, our Befrienders scheme supports many women who are victims of gender-based violence to go to the Family Court, police stations, hospitals, and other help centres. Our Befrienders’ presence have helped many women who are fearful of facing the Respondent face-to-face at mentions or hearings.

Call our Helpline to find out more about the Befrienders scheme.

The AWARE Helpline is open Monday to Friday from 3pm to 9.30pm.

Call 1800 774 5935 to speak to a Helpliner if you have a problem or want to find out more about our services.

You can also email us for more information:

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