Over 300 women approach AWARE’s Helpliners every month. This puts our counsellors in the unique position of having an intimate knowledge of the troubles faced by women in Singapore. All details shared with our counsellors are strictly confidential. The following testimonials are reproduced with permission from clients who feel they can help other women by sharing their stories.

Our first Sexual Assault Befrienders Service (SABS) case:
“The counselling experience I had at AWARE was immensely helpful and irreplaceable. The counsellor at AWARE was the best counsellor I ever had and I’ve seen my fair share! Now I feel like the support I received is continued even after leaving Singapore and that is in itself indispensable. Thank you AWARE, you made me see that I am not alone and that I have the resources within me to survive anything!”

Just a listening ear

“I had never thought of approaching counsellors before but I felt that was the only way to work out my feelings without revealing my identity. When I called AWARE’s Helpline, I was tentative at first and I think the Helpliner could sense that. However, as our conversation went on, I started to feel more relaxed and started to talk more. I remember the Helpliner was patient, and had a warm reassuring voice. It certainly made a difference and after talking to her for over an hour, I felt so much better.”

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The courage to divorce

“I didn’t think it was acceptable for people to talk about their personal problems to strangers. I declined my sister’s suggestion to call AWARE. But she told me that if I changed my mind, I should and AWARE might be able to help. I am thankful I decided to call the Helpline in the end. Not only was the counsellor comforting and open, she gave me a lot of practical tips about what I could do and the options available to me. When I finally decided to divorce my husband, she even accompanied me to court and gave me moral and emotional support.”

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Single parent

“The lady who took my call was very sweet. She patiently waited while I cried and told my story in between sobs. It was the first time in weeks that I felt that I could be a good mother. I am now a single mother to my baby. I am very grateful to AWARE for helping me get through my period of crisis.”

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Abused wife

“Luckily a friend told me about the AWARE Helpline and I called them up. The lady calmed me down and helped me think about what I wanted to do next. She also referred me to a counsellor and I went to see her at the AWARE Centre. She helped me clear up a lot of my tangled emotions and helped me see that my marriage was not doomed even though I had to take action to stop the abuse.”

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A Helpliner’s story

“Being a Helpliner has taught me the difference between empathy and sympathy; compassion and pity; and listening with the ear and with my heart. Being a Helpliner has caused me to reflect on my life, my own challenges and the many things I have to be grateful for. In short, being a Helpliner has made me a better person – a better daughter, friend, and woman.”

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