Workshops For Schools

AWARE develops and conducts workshops that empower women and educate the public about issues that are relevant to us. Our programmes are gender-sensitive, and take into account the different demands and opportunities that society places on men and women.

AWARE reaches out to youths through the following programmes, to educate and empower them on relevant social social issues.

  1. Comprehensive sexuality education
  2. Youth’s guide to consent in social settings
  3. Youth’s guide to diversity and inclusion
  4. Finding your passion
  5. Women’s rights in Singapore

To find out more, and to book your spot, contact us at 6779-7137 or Detailed course outlines are available upon request.


Comprehensive sexuality education

For ages 15 and above

Our Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) programme aims to provide youths with the tools, knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to make responsible choices about their sexual health.

A major focus of this programme is to equip youths with the understanding and skills to better handle relationships, including how to say “No”.

This programme is currently offered to international schools in Singapore, as well as members of the public.


  • Facilitate a deeper awareness of what healthy relationships are like
  • How to be assertive and empowered in the face of peer pressure
  • Develop decision-making and communication skills in their relationships
  • Provide information about STIs/STDs
  • Teach the proper use of contraception
  • Highlight the adverse effects of drugs and drinking
  • Raise awareness that pornography is bad education for sex
As part of its commitment to transparency, AWARE released our internal review of our Comprehensive Sexuality Education programme (CSE) in August 2010. The internal review set out to examine:

  • The intent and development of the programme
  • Its content
  • Its delivery by trainers
  • The questions that had been raised about it
  • Any areas that might need improvement

The review team interviewed eight CSE trainers, two members of the programme development team, and reviewed CSE development files, the Basic Instructor’s Guide (IG), and the material that was used by students during the workshops. Read our report here.
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Youth’s guide to consent in social settings

For ages 13 and above

This comprehensive workshop aims to help young people understand consent and respect each other’s boundaries. It also helps them determine what healthy relationships look like and how to build them.

  • Definition of consent
  • Ways to express dissent
  • Seeking, giving, interpreting consent
  • When consent is breached
  • Barriers to consent
  • ‹Features of equal and healthy relationships

To book this workshop, please contact us at 6779 7137 or

Youth’s guide to diversity and inclusion

This course seeks to equip participants with an understanding of cultural diversity. With the knowledge and skills gained from this course, participants will learn how to be sensitive to cultural differences, manage their privilege and promote inclusivity in their everyday lives.

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or at


Finding your passion

This talk takes attendees on the personal journey of our Executive Director, Corinna Lim, and how she found her inner voice to become a social activist. This talk can be used to inspire participants to find their inner voice of what they stand for and how they can manifest that voice in their professional, public and personal lives.

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Women’s Rights, from a Singapore perspective

For ages 16 and above
What can be done to remove all gender barriers restricting men and women from realizing their full potential? This programme aims to educate youths about women’s rights as human rights, and promote gender equality.

Topics include:

  • Learning about how the United Nations’ Convention On The Elimination Of All Forms Of Discrimination Against Women relates to your life
  • Introducing the most pertinent women’s issues in Singapore
  • How to tackle the problem of violence against women

To book this workshop, please contact us at 67797137