Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Consider this: When a male boss threatens to fire a female subordinate if she does not sleep with him, is it sexual harassment? What about when a man cracks a lewd joke and makes a suggestive gesture in a roomful of people? Is sexual harassment common in Singapore? What is the best way to deal with sexual harassment?

This site attempts to answer these questions and many more pertaining to sexual harassment within a Singaporean context.

In Singapore, many deny that sexual harassment is a problem. A 2008 research study by AWARE found otherwise – 54% of the respondents indicated that they had experienced workplace sexual harassment.

Whatever the form of sexual harassment, it undoubtedly upsets the victim and can, in extreme cases, cause emotional harm and even physical and psychological trauma.



Why speak up?

Sexual harassment is a form of abuse. This bullying behaviour is often about power over the more vulnerable individual regardless of age, race, sex, religion or class.

Sexual harassment can occur anywhere – at home, at the workplace, and public areas. Workplace sexual harassment is particularly egregious as it often involves an abuse of power and makes it difficult for a person to earn his or her livelihood.

If you you have been harassed, read these tips for victims and get help!