Workplace Sexual Harassment
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Sexual Harassment

Debunking the myths

What does sexual harassment really mean? What are some myths and misconceptions about it? Click on the ‘True’ or ‘False’ icon to answer the following questions and find out how well you understand the meaning of sexual harassment.

    1. Most sexual harassment is just harmless flirting.
    2. Only women are sexually harassed, this does not happen to men. All harassers are male.
    3. Successful and respected men do not harass women.
    4. All harassers hold senior positions to their victims.
    5. People harass others because they are sexually attracted to them
    6. Some women ‘ask’ to be harassed by dressing or acting provocatively.
    7. Talking about one’s sexual exploits at work in a graphic way is not sexual harassment.
    8. Sexual harassment charges are usually false in many instances.
    9. Any unwelcomed touching, sexual comments or sexual attention constitutes sexual harassment.